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CreativeMarket - 205 Washi Tape Bundle for Procreate 5489982

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CreativeMarket - 205 Washi Tape Bundle for Procreate 5489982

CreativeMarket - 205 Washi Tape Bundle for Procreate 5489982

Brushset | 97 Mb

***What's included
4 Washi Tape packs including:
30 Modern Washi Tape Vol1 - 3206126
Modern Washi Tape Vol2 for Procreate - 4769036
Christmas Washi Tape Stamps - 3201946
Halloween Washi Tape for Procreate - 5486522

·Modern Washi Tape vol 1 - 30 Textured and patterned stamps
·Modern Washi Tape vol 2 - a collection of 56 beautiful digital washi tapes with textures, patterns and paper effects
·Christmas Washi - 40 Christmas washi tapes includes 2 digital photo frames and 5 digital glitter papers to add some bling or sparkle to your designs!
·Halloween Washi - 79 spook-takular washi elements that includes plain, textured, patterned, halloween and typography washi tapes.
Washi tape for Procreate is super easy to use and perfect for adding, texture, interest and dimension to your work. Combine and layer, add your own pattern of overlay and have fun exploring different colour modes.
The possibilities are endless. Examples of how washi tape can be used include: scrapbooking, crafting, moodboard, instagram stories, collages, social posts, quote designs and more!.
____ COMPATIBILITY: ONLY for Procreate App with iPad + Apple Pencil. Not compatible with Photoshop or any other application. _____
Files included in this bundle:
·205 Washi Tapes with patterns and textures
·3 x Photo Frames & Brown Torn Paper PNGs
·5 Glitter Pages at 2732???2048px
·Installation Guide
·Free Support: I'm always happy to help. Just send me a message any time.
·Any future updates will be available for free!!
There is so much included that I couldn't include all previewsbut be sure to click and scroll down on each image to see everything! You can also click on the products below to see more information about each one.
Products Included:
·Modern Washi Vol 1 - https://creativemarket.com/andriecrossland/3206126-NEW%21-30-Modern-Washi-Tape-Vol1
·Modern Washi Vol 2 - https://creativemarket.com/andriecrossland/4769036-Modern-Washi-Tape-Vol2-for-Procreate
·Christmas Washi - https://creativemarket.com/andriecrossland/3201946-Christmas-Washi-Tape-Stamps
Halloween Washi - https://creativemarket.com/andriecrossland/5486522-Halloween-Washi-Tape-for-Procreate

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